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Saw-Core and Saw Blade Division

Laser Precise, Inc. purchased the assets of their long time customer Sawcore, Inc. on June 2nd 2016.  LPI was the sole manufacturer of Sawcore’s blades and cores since Sawcore opened their doors in January 2004.  LPI was fortunate to have all of Sawcore's employees stay on with LPI.  Please contact us for your saw-core and saw blade needs.


Our capabilities include:

  • Laser cutting cores and blades from 1 inch Ø to to 5 foot Ø with 4,000 watt lasers

  • Tempering blades to achieve desired Rockwell hardness

  • Reaming or boring the ID to +0.001 / -0.000 typically

  • Machining the OD to design intent, +/- 0.004” typically (slotted cores, continuous rims, etc.)

  • Precision rotary grinding thickness to +/- 0.001” to +/- 0.002” depending on design intent

  • Sharpening saw teeth to compound angles to meet design intent

  • Machining of custom bevels, notches, slots, keyways, countersinks, etc.

  • Fast turn around times due to material inventory and in-house capabilities

  • Custom packaging and drop shipping available

Available Steel:

  • 75CR1:  0.018” to 0.190” thick

  • 80CRV2:  0.018” to 0.220” thick

  • 8660:  0.018” to 0.300” thick

  • 4135:  0.018” to 0.300” thick

  • Blue Tempered Spring Steel:  0.015” to 0.050” thick

Shapes / Types Available (see samples below):

  • Carbide blades ready for tipping

  • Continuous rim cores 

  • Dials for carriers

  • Round knives for slitting/cutting

  • Segment blades of all sizes

  • Orchard and tree pruning blades

  • Dado sets for woodworking

  • Grinding / chopping blades

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